Solfeggio frequencies

Everything is energy. Vibration is everything. Each vibration has its own frequency. Human body is composed of genetic material and is equipped with an extremely advanced transmitter and receiver of frequencies, DNA. Genetic patrimony of the human being constantly interacts with surrounding energy. It is us, our emotional conditions, to influence the world continuously. Solfeggio frequencies align the rhythms that form the basis of the Universe. Solfeggio frequencies are considered the original frequencies used by the monks during their meditation songs. Original solfeggio frequencies are said to have been “lost” over the centuries with the introduction of various new tuning methods. Ancient tuning practices used a tuning system known as “Just Intonation”. Just Intonation method had intervals between each mathematical note related to the ratios of small integers leading to a much purer sound. Singing, based on the six original notes (396hz – 417hz – 528hz – 639hz – 741hz – 852hz), penetrates deeply into the conscious and subconscious mind, managing emotional reactions that sometimes we cannot completely control.

By exposing mind and body to Solfeggio Frequencies a greater sense of balance and deep healing can be easily obtained and understood as harmony between body, mind and spirit. We have to work with internal processes and maturity in order to establish conscious communication with DNA. In this way, we let music become an instrument for raising human nature and a method for connecting us to the source.

396 hz

396 hz frequency releases emotional patterns. It cleanses the feeling of anxiety and guilt which often represent the basic obstacle to realization, promoting directly the achievement of goals. It searches subconscious blockages out, brings the defence mechanisms down and releases you from guilt, anxiety, fear and negativity.

417 hz

Tone of Change. 417 hz frequency helps to let go of the past to be back on the right path. It is associated with the breakdown of crystallized emotional patterns and it is linked with resonance or amplification processes. This tone cleanses traumatic experiences and removes destructive influences of past events. Thanks to its harmonizing properties, it promotes a deep purification of home when left to resonate in the environment. It is also useful to dissolve creative blocks or to awaken latent human potential because it urges the cell and DNA to function in an optimal way, exploiting their full potential.

528 hz

“Miracle Frequency” the note MI (MIraculi Gestorum). 528 hz frequency opens to the possibility of deep spiritual experiences or spiritual enlightenment. It regenerates and harmonizes DNA. (In genetics it is used for fixing DNA and for neutralizing the possible defects of the inherited genetic code. It eliminates the disturbances of the crystalline structure of water molecules in cellular liquid, restoring the DNA to its original structure.) DNA repair process results from numerous beneficial effects: greater quantity of vital energy, mental lucidity, awareness, awakening and activation of creativity, states of ecstasy, like a deep inner peace and great joy. This frequency, more than any other, embodies the unified field of musical metaphysics in the spiral matrix of the fractal universe. It may be used before going to sleep also to cancel “low frequencies” deriving from bad situations and emotions experienced during the day.
It also helps in balancing and tuning Solar Plexus Chakra which helps in more Self Confidence and Self Esteem.

639 hz

639 hz frequency is related to openness and connection in human relationships. It is used to treat problems within family, between partners, between friends or in social context. It encourages cells to communicate with their surroundings, creating harmonious relationships of understanding, tolerance and love.

741 hz

Inner awakening. It is also known as the cleaning frequency because it promotes cells healing by cleaning and removing toxins from the cell itself (“SOLve pollutes”). It cleans the cell from different types of electromagnetic radiations and toxic substances in order to allow openness, fluidity and closeness to the spiritual world.

852 hz

Return to spiritual order, to the Source. This tone is associated with a frequency of pure love: unconditional love. It is directly connected to the principle of light which is a high form of bioenergy. It introduces at high vibrational levels. It is a means to awaken the inner strength to self-realization through the experience of the Spiritual.

Even the three most recently added frequencies are always in the same numerical form as the 6 notes just described.

174 hz

Security and Love. 174 hz frequency promotes the release of DNA. It helps relieve pain physically and energetically acting like a natural anesthetic. It gives organs a sense of security and love, motivating them to do their best to recover to their optimal state.

285 hz

Connection with Mother Earth. 285 hz frequency helps to balance into the multi-dimensional fields of awareness through the law of truth and wisdom. It works on energy fields: auric, etheric, mental which are responsible for the purity and perfection of human organs. It influences those fields by sending a message useful to restructure a damaged organ.

963 hz

Return to the One. This frequency allows you to experience your true nature, the Unity to which everything is connected. It awakens any system to its perfect original state. It allows a sort of “cellular illumination”, and the transformation of the cell to a higher level.