Relaxing Sleep Music, Fall Asleep Fast, Deep Sleep, Power Nap, Beat Insomnia, Stress Relief

If you have trouble falling asleep try this technique. If you can, use headphones or a bluetooth speaker, otherwise use your smartphone. Start the music. Adjust the volume to less than a quarter. Get in your most comfortable position and listen to the music and your breath. The breath does not have to go to the rhythm of the music. With each emission it relaxes a part of the body. The mind will try to think about something that happened during the day or about something you need to do tomorrow. Don’t pay attention to the thought, just focus on the sensation, the emotion that the music gives you and the relaxation of the body with each breath, without forcing. If you can do this it is very likely that you will fall asleep in 5 minutes. Let us know if it worked in the comments.